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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Reactions about Tikona Cleanup

Hello friends
It had been long time after our cleanup campaign at Tikona. We have recieved quite good appreciation from various people about the activity. I would like to thank them all for their appreciation. We would also like to thank "Tekdi" and "Sahyadrilovers" people for their support to our activity.

Here we put up few reactions we received.

Indeed a great efforts and very commendable too. I am proud that we have young generation like this which takes part in such creative activity. Bravo guys and gals that you do such wonderful act of preserving our historical forts.

great achievements. pass by time and need not mention they have their essence in the air.

Capt Gajanan B Karanjikar
Master Mariner, MNI

Great job guys keep it up...


I am really very impressed by the way your team has worked for the cleaning of the Tikona fort. Photographs clearly reveal of the efforts taken by your team in completing these endeavors are tremendous.

KshitiZ Group

Good work! Keep it up!

Sudarshan Bhat

I really feel proud to see your photos of cleaning Campaign of Tikona Durg. Gr8 Job. I will be very happy and thankfull, if i can join for next movement.

Yogesh Pathak

I want to join your group for further movements. Please let me know the plans.

Arti Kulkarni

I really appreciate the novel movement started by you guys.... I saw the photographs posted wherin the Tikona was cleaned ... In future if you have any ideas as such please do Inform me as I too would like to join you....

Vishal Chaudhary

All we have to say is lots of thanks for your kind words.