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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Seats filling up fast

The limited seats for Tikona trek and cleanup campaign scheduled on 17th and 18th December, are filling up fast.. Confirm your seat as soon as possible..
Contact Dhiraj @ 9890793853
            Dinesh @ 9890897198
Dinesh H. Soni

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Green Pune Movement

Green Pune Movement organised a peaceful protest march at Alka Talkies Square on Nov 27. The march was to appeal for saving the hills and developent of Bio-Diversity Park.

These are the words of organisers of this protest march

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) took a monumental step towards ensuring a sustainable future for Pune for the next quarter century and beyond on 21 March 2005 when it approved a Pune city Biodiversity Park on designated hillsides throughout the city, green areas along the banks of the rivers, etc. The Planning Committee newly set up to review the DP has now recommended a floor space index (FSI) of 4 per cent on hill slopes/ hill tops and complete scrapping of the bio-diversity park. The Planning Committee further recommends that farmhouses and educational institutions should be permitted to avail of the 4 % FSI. The FSI would then rise to 25 to 30 % if areas required for roads and other facilities is taken into account.
The public representatives cry hoarse to convince us that they would do anything in the interest of Punekars. However, their stand on indirectly granting huge FSI and scrapping of the Biodiversity Park exposes the depths to which they would go to please the ‘builders lobby’.

Around 500 Punekars and 50 organisations actively participated in this Protest March. Also these citizens filled up the protest form..
You can also help by filling up this protest form. The protest form can be filled at here . You can also download and distribute the flier of the movement from here . Come forward..
Save our Hills !
Save our city !
Save yourselves !!

Green Pune Movement : Crowd in action
Green Pune Movement : Crowd in action

Human chain formed by the Activists for Green Pune Movement Protest March, Alka Talkies Square, Pune
Human chain formed by the Activists